I’m a Jersey boy through and through. Raised on a farm, then served for over 30 years as a trained joiner. Alongside this I have pastored church for the last 18 years and wrestled every one of them as I have never seen myself as a natural pastoral type.

I am married to Serena and we have 3 terrific children. I love adventure along with the element of surprise and challenge that it brings. My journey with Jesus has been a voyage of discovery as I have sought to apply what I’ve learnt along the way. If God is real and alive then his voice needs to be heard and felt in the world today.

What does following Jesus in 2018 mean for us in the workplace, or raising our kids. What does Jesus have to say to the single parent or to the person who’s world has just fallen apart? Without any academic achievement it was important to me that the Gospel ie the ‘good news’ about Jesus be able to be understood and applied to life in the hear and now and in the mess and triumphs of life.

I have had a passion for the people of Africa for many years and worked in Burkina Faso almost annually since 2007. I’m overwhelmed to have been asked and so reliant on the very gift I’ve been asked to talk about this year “Empowered by Grace” Here goes.